Raise your glass, mug or tankard to the bawdy pub songs and ballads of Ireland and Eastern Canada.
Come out for a great night of laughter and merriment and let Finnegan's Wake take you away to the green. 


Croi follain agus gob fliuch.
"A healthy heart and a wet mouth!"

To our followers:

Our  final performance at the Irish Harp in Niagara on the lake occurred December 22, 2018. What a wonderful evening thanks to the staff and supportive patrons. 

It has been an awesome experience performing at the Harp and other venues in Niagara, having  met many great people. 

We have now settled in Nova Scotia in our retirement. 

Finnegan’s Wake plans to continue performing on the East Coast.  

Keep an eye on the gig list....looking forward to entertaining again and meeting new folk. 

Cheers / Sociable


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